Buying Presale Condos & Assignments of Contracts

Our Presale Condo experts will answer all your questions about buying presale condos and Assigning Contracts in Vancouver, BC. Buying presale condos can be a complex process, but working with an experienced team of presale condo specialists can make it easier. Browse our Presale Condos and Assignments.

What is a Presale Condo? Pros and Cons?

A presale condo is a condominium unit that is being sold before it has been built or before construction has been completed. This means the buyer purchases the unit based on plans, renderings, and marketing materials rather than on a physical inspection.

Can a Presale Condo be a Good Investment?

Purchasing a presale condo can be a good investment, but it also carries some risks that should be carefully considered.

One potential benefit of investing in a presale condo is that you may be able to purchase the unit at a lower price than it will be when it is completed and ready for occupancy. If the condo’s value increases over time, this can give you a good return on your investment.

What Is A Presale Condo Assignment Of Contract?

In British Columbia, a presale condo assignment of contract is a legal agreement in which the original purchaser of a presale condo (also known as an “assignor”) transfers their rights to purchase the unit to a new buyer (also known as the “assignee”). This is typically done before the unit is built or construction is complete.

Pros And Cons Of A Presale Assignment

There are many advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a Presale Assignment of Contract and its sale in BC.

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